We have had very rapid development in computer technology in the past couple of decades. Since the 2000s and especially the 2010s computer technology developed so quickly that we ended up with lots of products that can do a plethora of things, like smartphones.

Today, we have technology which makes everything easier, from smartphones that allow us to access the internet with a single click or tap, to AI technology which works in the background, powering various processes and helping us become better through better results.

You know what also got a lot better? AIs who play chess. They are good enough to beat grandmasters. 

We can use AIs to practice chess and become a lot better, did you know that? Here is how.

Practice and More Practice

One of the best ways to improve at anything is to practice more.

Today’s chess programs are so much more advanced than those from the year 2000, for example. Even at that time, AIs were able to beat grandmasters. However, nowadays, chess programs can not only beat us, but also show us what we did wrong and how we can improve our game. Besides, practice makes perfect, particularly with the right feedback. AI programs can teach us how to play by not making the same mistakes twice.

An AI is as worthy of an opponent as a grandmaster and sometimes a more difficult one. You can practice against AIs online, without even having to download anything. 

Practicing Certain Scenarios

Machine practice is great because you can practice certain scenarios where you are at a disadvantage by default. Being at a disadvantage makes it more interesting when you try to solve the puzzle, because you not only have to survive, but also thrive and put yourself in a winning situation. This is difficult when you have fewer pieces, fewer active pieces and are in an overall worse position.

Practice these puzzles and scenarios vs an AI when you are short on time or need a brain teaser, such as when commuting or taking a break. 

Key Concepts

You could learn key concepts and strategies by playing against machines. The first thing is that they have all the time in the world. They are always at the ready and you can always play a game of chess. However, they are also very fast and will challenge you outright, no matter how ready you seem to be. A machine can easily level up its knowledge, by you clicking on a button, but can you do the same?

It Helps Versus Anxiety

Some people don’t like playing against other people outright, because it either scares them or makes them feel uncomfortable. You can access them via an application and cancel the match at any point.

It is a great way to practice if you have social anxiety and eventually prepare for playing against human opponents. 

These are some of the benefits of playing against machines in chess. There are more, but these ones should be enough for starters.