Board games are really fun when you think about them. Board games can be interesting when you play them with friends and loved ones. Even when you meet a new bunch of people, you can play a board game and enjoy your time, despite them being strangers.

Some board games you will want to play with the people that you know, mostly because such games can induce rage and other emotions which are unsuitable for the people who you just met. Games like Jenga shouldn’t be played by people whose temperament you are unfamiliar with.

Is standard Jenga the only type of Jenga that you should play? Why not spice it up a bit and add flavors to the mix?

Here are some interesting ways to play Jenga.

Truth or Dare Jenga

There is an official version of Truth or Dare Jenga, but that might not be up to everyone’s standards, particularly if they are over a certain age where the questions and dares in the tower are not really appropriate. You can make your own truth or dare questions and write them on the blocks, or simply make truth and dare blocks and the one who gets a block is asked a question or dared to do something new, depending on the block that they pull. 

This is a very easy way to make a party more interesting, particularly if it is full of board game aficionados.

Jenga Workout Sessions

Why not have a good workout and play a game of Jenga? Write workout routines on the blocks and when a block is pulled, everyone has to do the workout. Write a simple thing such as a set of a single exercise. You don’t want to collapse while playing Jenga.

Leave some blocks blank so that when a blank is pulled, someone can write a new workout routine on the blank and put it up on the tower. The more you build the tower, the stronger you will get. Having fun and working out? What’s not to love about this version of Jenga?!

Jenga With Some Spice

Writing your own challenges on Jenga blocks is one of the best ways to turn an already interesting game into something everyone will want to play. Jenga is best played with the people you know and care about. Well, what better way to tell them that you care than to give them a challenge that they will surely enjoy, like cleaning the dishes should the whole tower fall or something similar. The challenges can be of any nature, so long as you all agree to them.

Not everyone will be up for workouts or truth or dare, but something spicier might get them off their chairs and into the game.

Vertical Jenga

If you like challenges and you want your friends to hate you, then present them with vertical jenga. Three blocks across and five vertical ones should make a decent vertical tower. The object of the game is the same, but you have to place blocks vertically, which is a lot more challenging, given that you also have to remove them from the tower without toppling everything. 

Jenga is already fun enough as it is, but with some spice, the game can become even more interesting. These are some of the ways you could make your Jenga night more interesting.