Every game has some benefits if you play it regularly and invest a lot of time and effort into it. Not all games are as good for you, so don’t think that you will become a genius just by playing a simple board game, or rather, by playing it occasionally. 

Checkers is a great game and one that has plenty of healthy benefits for us. As a game which is very similar to chess, you can expect checkers to have the same benefits as the game of chess.

But, given that it is a different game entirely, let us look at some checkers-specific health benefits.

Checkers as a Way to Interact With Children

Checkers is a very simple game and anyone could understand it, given that you actually take the time to explain the game. Checkers is so simple that you could teach it to children!

Given the simple rules and two colors to the pieces, the game can quickly be grasped by a child who will be able to start winning games soon.

Playing against your child is a good way to train their brain in the ways of logic and analysis, forward thinking and adaptation on the spot.

Making the Right Call

Checkers is a game of choice and consequence. Every time you move a piece, there are going to be consequences. Sometimes you have to move a piece and lose it, to give yourself an overall better advantage on the board. Unlike chess, checkers is a game where you have to box in your opponent or take all of their pieces.

As such, there are more nuances to how you should play the game. Losing pieces is a sound strategy, if you position yourself well. Learning to make the right call and deal with the consequences is one of the things you could learn from checkers.

Checkers Boost Memory

Like other mind board games, checkers is a decent game if you want to train your memory and if you want to learn how to recall things better.

Checkers has plenty of strategies, depending on the variant. If you’re learning multiple variants, you will also have to recall the moves and strategies for the variants, which makes things a lot harder for the player. This way your memory will get a decent exercise.

Checkers, like other board games which employ the mind, also exercise the mind in various ways. These are some of the benefits of playing checkers. Start playing now if you want to work on your skills but more importantly, if you want to have fun