Board games have been played for the past couple of centuries, though people might not think of them as board games. Games like Go and chess have been around for a very long time and they are board games. Even today, such board games are played extensively, online and offline, by players worldwide.

However, there is a concern that board games are dropping in popularity and that they are not as played as they used to be a couple of decades ago, particularly prior to the invention of the internet.

Did board games lose some of their popularity? Let us take a look.

Social Media Makes Everything Less Popular

While it might be true that board games have lost some of their popularity, it is also true that most people have started to spend a lot of time on social media, which takes away time from other activities. Whether that be sports or board games, social media has taken up a serious amount of space and time in people’s lives and is also taking away our attention. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but given how much screen time people have (and not the productive kind), social media is not helping people as it should be, though that is up to us, and not to the tool to fix.

Board Games Are not the Only Games

This is another point that has to be made. Computers made video games a lot more interesting than they used to be, and they were very fun at the time. You could play a textual adventure and find yourself immersed in it for days to come, with endless replayability. 

Today, adventures are much more visual and immersive and put us in worlds that would otherwise have to be imagined in order to be explored. 

Creativity and modern computers enable us to play a variety of games, which might be more appealing to people than traditional board games.

Board Games Are Still Played

While it is true that they are not as played as they used to be, it is also true that they are played by more people than they used to be, however, a larger variety of games. Fantasy board games like Dungeons & Dragons and other similar games are much more interesting to some people than a game of chess. While traditional board games are not receiving as much attention as they used to be, other board games are.

Whether offline or online, new and innovative board games are being played by players worldwide, which is one of the benefits of the internet, the ability to connect people. 

The Future is Bright

Even though there will be more competitors in the sense of other video games, the board game communities are already established and given the social nature of board games, they will always be played.

Since we are a creative bunch, us humans, we will also have lots of new board games in the years to come. 

While some board games are less popular, others are actively played, and the internet helps spread the love for board games.