We all like to play a good game from time to time. Some board games are fun while others can be exhaustive, if we never take the time to learn the rules. Imagine playing Dungeons & Dragons without knowing the rules. You would be swept away by the first goblin you run into, not to mention various traps that the Dungeon Master is likely to place in your way.

However, there are other board games, which are as fun but not as complicated, or rather, not as complicated for the new player. 

Catan is one of those great board games, a game which you should definitely try if you want to play a good board game.

Here is why Catan is great, as well as details about the game, the things that you should know.

Catan – A Great Game for Everyone

Catan is a game that focuses on building a civilization on the island of Catan, competing with other settlers who have landed there.

Catan used to be known as the Settlers of Catan, however, due to multiple spin offs, the game’s name was changed to simply CATAN, to make it easily recognizable in the plethora of other spin offs which take the basics and turn them into something simpler or more complicated, or more thematically appropriate.

Catan is played by 3 to 4 players but you really want all four players to play the game properly, or rather, the way it was intended. It was designed by Klaus Teuber and first released in 1995 in Germany. 

Nowadays, it is an international treasure when it comes to board games.

The Rules of Catan – How to Play the Game

Catan is not that simple, but also not that hard of a game. The goal of the game is to collect 10 points and share that with the other players, claiming victory. You can hide your points and not tell the others that you have gathered points.

Catan is a game where you gather points by building settlements and cities, having the longest road or largest army or straight up winning points from the cards that award points. 

The game has honeycomb shaped tiles which represent resources which are wood, brick, ore, wheat and sheep.

There is also a tile that represents the desert. Each player is given two settlements or houses and two sticks which represent roads. You can play development cards or roll the dice. When all players do so, a turn ends.

There are many more nuances to the rules, which are best explained either by playing the game or with visual aid.

Should You Play Catan?

Catan is a great game that you can play in any shape, form or size. You can play Catan digitally if you want to try it, on a mobile device, or through Steam. It is a great option if you want to try the game before actually purchasing the board game.

I am of the belief that you should try anything before buying, including board games, especially if they are expensive. Catan’s price sits anywhere between 40 and 60 dollars, depending on whether there is a sale. Consider trying it before committing to a purchase.

Catan is a great board game that you should definitely try in any shape or size if you want to play a good board game. Good luck settling the island!