As always, it is good to learn about things if you want to improve and get better at almost anything. Every single time we opt to learn something new about a topic that interests us, we come a bit closer to bettering ourselves. 

For some topics, like chess, learning new things literally translates into becoming better. Chess has many nuances and details and the more you learn, the more likely you are going to have an edge over your opponent. However, in chess, nothing is certain until one person loses or there is a tie.

Without further ado, consider learning chess strategies if you want to improve at chess.

The Pawns

There are many strategies in chess, however, learning about pawn structure can help you improve your game vastly.

People often overlook the pawns because they can only move a single cell at a time and they are not as useful, or so it appears. Place the pawns in  crucial positions and the opponent will no longer be able to attack you in their pre-planned way, because you will have a solid combination of an attacking and defending force. Pawn structure helps you organize an attack and defense at the same time, so study your pawns and what they can do, as well as the opposing pawns.

The Active Pieces

This strategy focuses on the number of active pieces that you have on the board. While some people are concerned about the number of pieces overall that they have on the board, active pieces are much more important, or rather, pieces that are actually moving and are a threat. Active pieces always pose a threat so be on the lookout for those, rather than the number of still or stuck pieces that an opponent has.

Material Count

But you also can’t discount the sheer number of pieces. While you could technically win with fewer pieces than your opponent, the fewer you have, the worse it gets for you. Just a pawn and a king won’t cut it against someone who has a queen, bishop, rook and knight. Try and conserve your pieces, but also know that sheer numbers don’t win in a chess game.

King Safety

Having your king exposed for the sake of obtaining an easy piece is often a bait, known as a Greek Gift. Always be aware of where your king is and from which position can he be attacked. King safety is a crucial strategy and can decide your game if you leave him exposed too early. 

A strategy might not win you a game, but it might help you from not losing one, either.

Consider these strategies and learn the basic concepts if you want to prevent yourself from losing pieces and games out of misinformation.