While there are gamblers who never lose themselves and like a good challenge, games of luck are typically very addictive and dangerous for most people.

However, some games appear to have an element of luck involved, while they are actually completely games of skill. 

Chess is for some reason, mistaken as a game of luck, while it is actually a game of skill, completely.

Here are the reasons why.

All The Pieces Are Visible

Unlike most games of luck, chess has all of its pieces visible on the playing field, or the board. You always know what your opponent has, or rather, you both have the same pieces upon starting a match.

Given that most games of luck hide their hands, chess leaves everything on the board exposed and leaves it up to the players to decide which piece goes where, how to attack and defend simultaneously. 

Chess Can Be Learned

Unlike slot machine games and lotteries which have no learning curve and where strategies cannot be applied, chess is very much different. Every move you learn, every opening and strategy is another possibility that gives you the ability to outsmart your opponent. Opponents of similar skill level typically also know these strategies so they will be able to match you when it comes to game knowledge.

Unlike games of chance, chess leaves nothing to luck. Every move is a show of skill and the best players can predict many moves in advance and prepare their counterattack appropriately. 

No Hidden Moves or Outside Forces

There are no dealers in chess nor are there any balls that have to land on a specific color or an estimation of the right numbers, just the same pieces for both players and the ability to outsmart your opponent by planning ahead and reading the board correctly. Given that players can always adapt, it is a game which tests the players’ skill and their ability to adapt at any given moment. Chess leaves nothing to chance, so players will have to do everything themselves, where the only thing that could work in your favor is the opponent making a mistake and you spotting it.

A Clear Ranking System

Chess players are rated by how they perform and the level of players they beat. You can try and play a game of chess online and see if you match against a higher-rated player. You will quickly realize how much that rating actually means and how much of a difference it makes. 

The higher the rating, the more dangerous the player, the more quickly they can dismantle your attack and defense. 

Unlike other games, chess is a game of skill that leaves nothing to chance. Everything is transparent and every move is visible. It is up to the players to apply their skill to beat their opponents.