Computers here, there, everywhere… We spend so much time on our computers that we often forget how to socialize, how to talk to other people. People outside the Twitch and YouTube communities often do not understand all the memes that are used, that somehow pass as communication within the streamer and youtuber-gamer community.

While we could spend days playing video games, popular ones and the ones which are less popular, we could also spend our time playing board games, which is a much better experience, at least according to my own opinion.

Here is why I consider board games to be better than video games.

Less Screen Time

This is the first thing that you will be grateful for. The less screen time you have, the better it will be for you.

Board games are great because you take a board, a couple of friends, go outside or anywhere else where it is relatively calm and wind-free and you select a faction, plan your game and enjoy your time, with your friends; without a screen.

Board games take us away from our screens, which is really good in the short and long run. When we don’t spend so much time reading social media and doomscrolling, we actually find the time and concentration to face reality and deal with whatever we need to deal with.

Having improved concentration by not looking at a screen all day is a bonus.

Socializing – Actual Socializing

People consider chatting on social media socializing, but it is far from it. While you can socialize on social media, it is nothing compared to actually talking to a person, face to face, seeing their expressions, hearing the sound of their voice, their laughter, joking and having fun. You don’t get to do those things when you’re chatting and sending memes to one another. 

Socializing should be done in person and board games are a great way to bridge that gap. You can play a game and catch up with your friends or simply joke around and have a good time playing board games, trying new ones and enjoying yourself.

Board Games Engage the Mind

Yes, yes, there are various puzzle video games that are as challenging as any board game, not to mention that you can play board games in a digital format, which is not a bad thing, except it means more screen time.

Board games are great because they make us think, adapt, improvise, plan ahead, analyze moves prior to them happening and discard any illogical moves that a player might make. Board games are great for this, and especially because children and teenagers will also find them engaging. Most board games have very lovely artwork and that makes them a perfect hook for children and teenagers.

Board Games Are Actually Fun

Compared to video games which can leave you drained after a long gaming session, board games are fun and no matter the score in the end, you will most likely spend the time joking with your friends and having a good time.

Board games are meant to be fun and social activities, which is a lot better than a video game where an unknown stranger rages because they made a mistake but are too emotional to do anything else other than deflect. 

So there you go, a couple of reasons why I consider board games to be better than video games.