Throughout the decades, technology has shown how much it has changed the world we live in. Without any doubts, it has made lives easier so that now people can find everything online, even if they look for such kind of entertainment. With that in mind, there is an opportunity for chess players to find some strategies online and make playing chess easier for themselves.

An effective way to outsmart any opponent is to know more than the opponent. In video games or life, as well as in board games, having more knowledge doesn’t hurt. In games such as chess, knowing more means that you can apply the said knowledge and actually get an edge over your opponent.

While some people argue that it is talent and thinking skills that make a good chess player, others claim that simply by learning from the best and solving chess problems and actually rigorously training, you could become a lot better.

And that has to be true. With the right training, anyone can become better at anything. With that in mind, here are the best websites to visit if you want to learn more about chess strategies.

One of the best resources for anything chess-related is This site is the world’s go-to site for playing chess online. It is free and you can play chess simply by going online and opting to find an opponent. You can also play against AI opponents. Either of the two works rather well. After you play a couple of games, your rating will start to shift, which is to be expected.

However, has a plethora of puzzles for you to solve if all you want is to learn and not play against opponents. It is full of puzzles, over 50,000 of them. Choose a problem or let the site choose one for you, according to your rating.

There are also other chess tutorials, which explain the game from the ground up, as well as some more advanced videos to help those who already have the basics down.


Chess24 is a great site to visit if you want to play chess and learn chess. Their own tactics trainer is an entire section dedicated to teaching you how to play chess. The majority of the things that you can do is solve puzzles. However, there are many puzzles to be solved and you can get feedback after each session.

You could time your puzzle solving skills and attempt to solve as many puzzles as possible in a set amount of time. You can analyze your solution and compare it to the correct one, to see how you could improve your read on the situation. If you can solve a puzzle with fewer moves, then you have already improved. 

This site also has a mobile application which you could download and use on your smartphones. This is also true for

As far as trainers are concerned, also has their own puzzles section where you can work towards solutions in order to improve. It will not let you make a wrong move, so you can practice all you want. 

You can view games as they are played live on the home page, and you can play a game yourself, against a human opponent and against an AI opponent.

Either of the two will be good for training, but the puzzles section is where you can learn the most.

These three sites are my recommendations when it comes to learning chess and chess strategies. Stick with the tried and tested and you will become better in no time at all.