There are so many games that we can play online and offline that we typically don’t consider a game outdated or that it is played only by a specific group of people unless it actually is. In that case, we ignore the game unless someone convinces us to try it. Bridge, for example, is a game that is considered a game that only old people play.

However, even bridge, which has this “old” reputation for no good reason, is a game that is played by children, teenagers and young adults. There are bridge clubs all over the world which are intended for the youth, and which engage the youth to be more social and engage in card and other social games.

What about scrabble, is that another game that is supposedly played only by old people? Well, of course not and here are a couple of reasons why scrabble is great and why you should play it.

Expanding Your Vocabulary

Scrabble is a game of creating words, but specifically words that exist in a standard dictionary or lexicon. Idiolects and similar terms are not allowed, unless you actually agree on that with your friends, of course.

Since scrabble forces you to plan ahead and think about words, create words, you need to have a relatively decent vocabulary. That makes the game a perfect opportunity to work on your vocabulary. If you are fluent in a single language then take it a step further and test your vocabulary, planning and adaptation skills in a game of scrabble against your friends or random people online.

Scrabble is a Great Learning Tool

When someone uses letters to form a word you have never seen or heard about before, you will most likely be surprised. This is a good thing, especially since we often think we know a lot of things, but are proven wrong when others who know better (about a certain topic) show up and let us know how things are.

Scrabble is a great tool to learn words that you haven’t known before, or which you have forgotten. Given that it is a language focused game, you can always ask your friends about a word and how it is used. Every time you expand your vocabulary, you work your mind in a way which is helpful in the short and long run. An engaged mind is less likely to suffer from Dementia.

Scrabble For Learning Other Languages

Scrabble is a great game, but is even better if you use it to learn something you have not known before. A new language is a great example. You might suck at the game, but you will become richer by playing it. Scrabble is available in many shapes and sizes and online versions allow you to play a game against people who specialize in a single language or who want to play in the same language as you do. This alone is worth considering, because having the option to expand your vocabulary by playing games should not be underestimated. 

Scrabble is a great board game and learning tool for anyone who wants to learn a new language. It should be played with others, live, but you can also play it online, for practical reasons, and because you can play in another language and practice that language’s vocabulary.