We all like to use the internet. It is our go-to place when we want to entertain ourselves and find something new to do and have fun with, like for instance online sportsbooks similar to the Slovenian kod-bonusu.com. The internet is practical and can be accessed from anywhere, provided that you have cellphone range.

It has become a standard to play video games online, as well as mind games. Popular versions of board games can be found with a couple of clicks, so why not start playing one of the ancient and more recognizable board games, to train your mind and find new challenges?

Here is where you can play checkers online.


247 Checkers is the first result to pop up when you search for online checkers and as far as I can tell, it is a very good site to play checkers on. You can compete against other players, as well as against an AI, which has difficulty scaling. You have the option to practice checkers and learn the gamer rules, because not everyone is familiar with the rules of the game. International checkers are on offer, which makes sense, because they are the most widely played type of checkers.

This is one of the sites to visit. Other sites offer other types of checkers, as you will soon learn.


Despite the site’s name, cardgames.io has plenty of board games on the table or virtual table, if you will. Checkers is among those games. However, this site gives you checkers which are known as the English draught. This type is played on an 8×8 board and you can capture enemy pieces only by jumping over them diagonally but moving forward. Capturing backward is not allowed. 

The default option is to play against an AI but you can always click the multiplayer button and search for a human opponent. This is a simple site, but one that covers multiple games, so it is a decent one if you want to play English draught.


This is a more serious site when it comes to checkers. It reminds me of chess.com in its design and its approach to the game. It is very serious and as such, you can count on it to be a good experience, for the player as well as the spectator. On the home page, you can see currently played games between high-ranked players. 

You can also opt to play against a computer, level 1 through 8 and against a human opponent. You can play a game which is not time-restricted or real-time or a correspondence game.

Types of checkers include international, Frisian, Frysk, Antidraughts, Breakthrough and From Position.

Given the multitude of available variants, so far, this seems like the best place to be if you enjoy checkers. There are puzzles you can practice on, as well as various training tools, including a forum where you can talk to other checkers aficionados.

Checkers can be played on multiple sites and through multiple applications but these sites are the first ones to visit so try them before anything else.