OSCO Bylaws – 31 March 2007

These Bylaws were approved by the OSCO Membership at the annual election on 31 March 2007.

The replacement of the Provisional Bylaws took several years longer than originally anticipated. In hindsight, this is a good thing. It allowed for the organization to mature and better clarify its mission and governance. Contrary to the original statement, the Board has not elected to move forward with the 501(c)3 until such time that it appears to be of near term significant benefit to the organization that would justify the effort and expense.

One very important change is a simplification of the election process to resemble the USCF’s. 3 or 4 board members will be elected on alternating years for 2-year terms. This eliminates the potential problem of a completely new Board being elected in a single election. After the election of Board members, the Board then elects its own officers from among itself. The election process at the state championship is simplified greatly.

Following approval of these Bylaws, the entire Board was elected with three of them elected for 1-year terms this time only.

OSCO Provisional Bylaws – 6 April 2003

As originally stated on the OSCO Home Page:
The Charter Officers will draft a Charter Constitution and Bylaws to replace theProvisional Constitution and Bylaws (pdf format forAdobe Reader) drafted by the founders. The Charter Constitution and Bylaws will then be voted on for approval by the membership. OSCO will file for an IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit status soon after approval of the Charter Constitution and Bylaws.